Brand atlas®

Possible applications

The Brand Atlas® is based on the Value Circle developed by Shalom Schwartz and makes it possible to locate brands and target groups in a universal value system. This way, the Brand Atlas® opens up new fields of application: in marketing through its use for the positioning of brands, and in human resources through its use in creating teams and analysing corporate cultures.

Brand management and values

In 2009, for the first time, Konzept & Markt used the Brand Atlas® to depict the most important brands in Germany from an innovative point of view. The Brand Atlas® combines the brand funnel analysis from the Brand Census® model by Konzept & Markt with the values-based brand positioning in the Value Circle based on the work of Shalom Schwartz. The aim of the Brand Atlas® is to supplement brand management with the point of view of values.

In 2018, the Brand Atlas® was supplemented by publication of the Brand Atlas® Sport with the lead participation of the ISPO Academy at trade-fair authority Messe München.
The Brand Atlas® Sport is used to analyse the most important brands for outdoor and sports articles in the DACH region.

The Brand Atlas® Fashion will be published in September 2019. 130 fashion brands will be presented from the perspective of
2,000 fashion buyers in the Value Circle model and are represented by informative brand profiles.

The benefits to you

With the Brand Atlas®, Konzept & Markt has developed a compact measuring instrument that can quickly and easily locate the positions of brands in people’s value systems.

The user recognises which of the following four basic orientations can be assigned to which brands’ target groups:

  • pro-social orientation
  • safety and order orientation
  • hedonistic orientation
  • tolerant orientation.

This provides marketing experts an intuitive way of viewing the tonality that should be applied when addressing brand target groups.

The Value Circle model can also be used for human resources in the Brand Atlas®. Human resources managers can use this to review the optimal composition of teams as a function of their respective tasks. Another area of application is the identification and optimisation of corporate cultures.

A handful of simple questions is all it takes to render the position of target groups, customer groups or teams of employees in the Value Circle of the Brand Atlas®. These questions can be easily integrated into larger surveys.

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