Konzept & Markt advises you in the development and use of market research – always individually tailored to fit your company. Our core competence lies in the preparation of analyses of the causes, effects and drivers involved in the core areas of business success: customers, employees, markets and brands.

The research we conduct is not just a template. Instead, we use empirical procedures that we always tailor precisely to suit your individual needs and your current market situation.

This enables us to derive clear recommendations for your market success. Thanks to our decades of expertise in the monetary valuation of brands, you can demonstrate the size of the contribution marketing makes towards your success in euros and cents.

We focus on serving customers in the sectors of elder care, DIY stores, financial services, FMCG, health care, non-profit companies, pharmaceuticals, city branding, bricks-and-mortar retail and mail order.



As a client of Konzept & Markt, you can always count on us: Our team of experienced consultants will always find a tailor-made solution for you. Our plus: You will always have ONE contact for all your questions.

The focus of our consulting activities lies in the area of data analytics: How can we determine empirically and data-based which factors make your brand, your POS presence or your communication successful?


Konzept & Markt places the focus on your information needs. Ad-hoc research, Brand Census®, monetary brand valuation and quality monitoring are our research competencies for your business success!

With the Brand-Monitor, the POS-Monitor, the Consumer-Monitor and the Quality-Monitor we offer you coordinated and individually tailored research components. The main focus of our research is the determination of cause and effect relationships: What makes your company successful?


Konzept & Markt regularly publishes studies, trade articles and lectures on value-based brand management and on selected markets. You will find a wealth of informative materials under „Publications

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As a member of the Federal Association of German Market and Social Researchers (BVM) Konzept & Markt supports the Initiative Markt- und Sozialforschung e.V.

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