Procedural guidelines for monetary brand valuation

The monetary brand valuations we perform are based on the following foundations:

Possible applications

For more than 20 years, Konzept & Markt has used tailor-made, scientifically sound approaches to assess brand value. Auditor-certifiable and meaningful appraisals of brand value offer you

  • the basis for negotiations on purchase price and licensing
  • finance-oriented brand controlling
  • objectification of due-diligence processes
  • determination of the value in dispute in court proceedings
  • brand accounting

Download: "20 years of monetary brand valuation" (in German)

The benefits to you

  • We develop valuation approaches tailored to suit your brand.
  • Compliant with standards of the Federal Association of German Management Consultants [BDU], DIN/ISO and of the Brand Valuation Forum.
  • Valid measurement of brand value through empirically proven procedures.
  • Valuation approaches that combine demand-side perception of the brand with principles of financial valuation.
  • Certifiable by auditors.
  • Here you will find a comprehensive brochure you can download.

Brand valuation is a matter of experience

  • Choosing the ‘right’ approach depends on the type of brand, the reason for the valuation and the base of available data.
  • A wealth of experience rooted in 20 years of valuation practice ensures valid results.
  • Konzept & Markt is a founding member of the Brand Valuation Forum and of the DIN/ISO 10668 Committee for Standardisation on ‘Brand valuation’.
  • Ottmar Franzen was a lead participant in the drafting of the Principles of Fair Brand Valuation of the Federal Association of German Management Consultants [BDU].

Brand Census® by Konzept & Markt:

  • In the Brand Census®, the brand purchase funnel forms the point of departure for measuring brand strength.
  • The number and relevance of the funnel stages are specified individually for the brand.
  • The empirically validated brand strength permits systematic benchmarking relative to the competition.
  • In addition to a client’s own brand, competitor brands can be valued in monetary terms as well.

Nielsen Brand Performance System

  • Konzept & Markt is an exclusive provider of the Nielsen Brand Performance System.
  • This approach permits brand valuation using secondary and retail-panel data. This enables valuation of historical brands as well.
  • The system calculates brand strength based on a causal model that links demand-side and market data.
  • With over 500 brands valued, Nielsen Brand Performance is one of the most commonly used methods in German-speaking countries.

Value of Success

  • With Value of Success, you can measure the value that marketing contributes to your company.
  • This makes the performance of marketing and company management calculable.
  • This is based on the trend in brand value – as estimated using a simplified valuation approach spanning the past few years.
  • This makes investments in the brand verifiable – in some cases, we have used this instrument to demonstrate a tripling in brand value over a few years’ time.
  • Thanks to a standardised approach, this method permits a cost-effective entry to brand valuation.

The BrandTicker

  • Konzept & Markt is a Partner in the BrandTicker (ADWIRED AG) and will advise you in its use
  • The BrandTicker is a unique platform for use in monitoring brand value in real time.
  • Positive and negative echoes in the press and in social media are processed to determine a brand’s contribution to its company’s overall value.
  • This makes the BrandTicker perfectly suited for use as a tool for management and controlling!
  • Its data basis makes the BrandTicker the ideal complement to the Brand Census, which is based on survey data.
  • We advise you in the use and installation of the system – use our decades of expertise in dealing with brand values.

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