Quality Monitor

Possible applications

  • Measurement and analysis of the satisfaction of customers, employees, members or sales organisations.
  • Used over and over again in the commercial sector and in non-profit organisations.
  • Use as a tracking or controlling tool to verify the success of steps taken.

The benefits to you

  • Simple execution, high level of clarity and rigorous reporting.
  • Individual adaptation to your requirements.
  • Establish time series and internal benchmarks.
  • Clear recommendations for steps to improve satisfaction levels.
  • Valuable support in optimising an organization’s cost and investment planning.
  • Here you will find a comprehensive presentation you can download.

Strategic analysis

  • A summary of individual contributions towards strategic performance factors.
  • Positioning of performance factors in a strategic portfolio consisting of driver effect and satisfaction.
  • Objective: In the effort to efficiently increase satisfaction with your business, where should your focus lie?

Strengths and weaknesses analysis

  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of individual services within the performance factors.
  • Measurement of the driver effect of individual services within performance factors.
  • Measures: What services offer your enterprise the best ways to achieve its strategic objectives?


  • The Quality Monitor does not directly query the importance of individual services or performance factors.
  • The driver effect is calculated based on the statistical relationship between performance and satisfaction.
  • The Quality Monitor uses factor analyses to identify performance factors and regression analyses to measure the driver effect.

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