Punctum Analytics

Possible applications

  • Identify the relevant touchpoints in the stages of the customer journey (brand purchase funnel).
  • Strategic orchestration of the multiple touchpoints of a brand / a company.
  • Well-founded controlling of the touchpoints by linking the empirically verified data with the spendings.
  • Reliable results enable continuous tracking.

Your benefit

  • Intermedial comparison of all touchpoints through stringent metrics.
  • Analog and digital touchpoints become directly comparable.
  • In addition to reach and impact, the emotional strength of a touchpoint is also determined.
  • Brand-specific adaptation of the survey and analysis.
  • Focus of spendings and creativity on the relevant touchpoints (punctum).

Determine the importance of the touchpoints in the customer journey

  • Punctum Analytics works with representative survey data.
  • The brand funnel is the basis for measuring relevance.
  • The funnel stages are customizable for brand and market.
  • The empirically validated relevance allows individual touchpoints to be grouped together.
  • Decades of conducting driver analyses comfirm the reliability of the data.

Identify the relevant touchpoints

  • Every brand has a variety of touchpoints that are relevant in different ways - Punctum Analytics identifies these!
  • In Punctum Analytics, touchpoints are individually formulated and analyzed with customized statistical models.
  • Reach is based on the contact opportunity model and impact is based on regression and discriminant analyses.
  • Both values come from one database (single source).

Reliably determine the emotional strength

  • The emotional strength of a touchpoint is the third important dimension for its significance.
  • It is the result of the subjective evaluation by the recipients.
  • This is based on proven parameters (KPI) from advertising, customer relations and brand strength.
  • All values come from one database (single source).

The touchpoints and their relation to lifestyles and product affinity

  • The interaction and impact of a touchpoint is determined by the recipient's living environment and product affinity.
  • Factor analysis is used to identify groups in which milieu-like living environments and product relationships are reflected.
  • These groups deepen the understanding of the touchpoints and are helpful for the planning of creativity and outreach.

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