As an additional module of the DIY store study, we offer detailed profiles of the most important manufacturer brands in 12 product groups:

- Brand purchase funnels

- Buyer Profiles

- Images and brand drivers

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At the end of May, our new DIY market study based on the opinions of 2,000 representatively selected DIY customers will be published.

The focus is on the topics of sustainability and social media appeal.

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Konzept und Markt Markenatlas

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More brand atlases are in preparation! The brand atlas fashion will be published at the end of September.

It is a tradition for Dr. Franzen to deliver a guest lecture on brand valuation at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden. On 20 May, the time for this lecture had come again. You will find your free copy of this lecture for download here.

You may have an idea of the answer to this question. But we examined this topic in greater detail and can make precise statements about the buyer group. Which dog breed receives preferred treatment when these treats are handed out? Once a day? Several times? We asked a lot of dog owners for information, and this gave us a way to draw up a profile of the ‘dog snack buyer’. At the same time, we looked into which brands are known and popular.

The time has come – because we were finally ready to think of ourselves for once and revised our website.

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