Only people who understand the markets can render good advice about them

Since its foundation in 1996, Konzept & Markt has viewed itself as your companion and consultant in matters of marketing research.
We have many years of research experience. Our team has proven skills in the topics of

Preparing market studies on a regular basis helps us develop a high level of understanding for the demand side of the equation that we can use to assess your brand in the current context.

Individual and tailor-made – marketing research for business success

Konzept & Markt specialises in developing and implementing customised concepts in marketing research. Our core competence lies in the preparation of analyses of the causes, effects and drivers involved in the core areas of business success: customers, employees, markets and brands.

The research we conduct is not just a template. We use empirical procedures and always tailor these precisely to suit your individual needs and your current market situation. This enables us to derive clear recommendations for your market success.

We focus on serving customers in the sectors of elder care, DIY stores, financial services, FMCG, health care, non-profit companies, pharmaceuticals, city branding, bricks-and-mortar retail and mail order.

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