Possible applications

  • Value-based and scientifically sound brand controlling with empirically proven data.
  • Brand management on the basis of brand-specific statistical driver analyses.
  • Monetary brand valuation, consistent with standards of DIN/ISO and of the Brand Valuation Forum – certifiable by auditors.

The benefits to you

  • Simple execution, high level of clarity and rigorous reporting.
  • The individual situation of the brand is factored into the model.
  • Brand management and brand valuation dovetail to permit value-based brand management.
  • Here you will find a comprehensive presentation you can download.

Scientifically measuring brand strength

  • The Brand Census® works with representative survey data.
    Primary surveys or use of secondary data are both possible.
  • The brand purchase funnel forms the point of departure for measuring brand strength.
  • The number and relevance of the funnel stages are specified individually for the brand.
  • The empirically validated brand strength permits systematic benchmarking relative to the competitor.

Identifying the drivers of brand success

  • Every brand has individual drivers for its success – and the Brand Census® identifies these!
  • It is the relevance of the drivers of brand strength that enables value-oriented brand management.
  • The relevance of the drivers is also analysed individually for each stage of the brand funnel:
    the drivers involved in establishing brand awareness are not the same as those involved in creating brand loyalty!
  • In the Brand Census®, the drivers of success are individually formulated for the brand and then analysed using tailor-made statistical models.

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