Ad Hoc Research

Possible applications

Vertrauen Sie auf die Marktforschungserfahrung von über 30 Jahren. Wir bieten...

  • Shopper insights through direct surveys of consumers where the purchase decision is made: at the shelf.
  • Retail insights through surveys of decision-makers at various levels of retail.
  • Individual research approaches with quantitative and qualitative methods for product and advertising optimisation.

The benefits to you

  • Simple execution, high level of clarity and rigorous reporting.
  • Individual adaptation to your requirements.
  • Clear recommendations for steps to improve your market success.
  • Vast experience in carrying out international studies.
  • Tight-knit networking with the German retail scene.

Shopper Insights

  • Spontaneous and direct query of the influences on the purchase decision at the POS: close to the purchase and free of confusion.
  • Individually formulated research approaches derive optimisation approaches for industry and retail.
  • Objective: What should you focus on in order to address your customers in the best way possible?

Retail Insights

  • Surveys of trading partners reveal strategic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Approaches to optimise your retail activities measures through targeted use of driver analyses.
  • Check of achievement of your intended objectives.
  • Objective: What are the best arguments you can use to convince your trading partners?

Individually designed research: qualitative and quantitative

  • Qualitative: Focus groups and individual explorations among consumers and in retail management.
  • Quantitative: Nationally and internationally representative studies among end users and retail decision-makers.
  • Decision-making aids that can be directly used through individually designed product, price, name, taste and packaging tests.
  • Objective: How do you solve the most complex research issues efficiently and economically?

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