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Fields of application
  • Systematic surveillance and controlling of service quality.
  • Development of tools to strentghen customer relations. 
  • Basis for agreements on objectives and bonus distributions.
  • Key figures for your strategic management.
Your benefits
  • Uncovering and creation of fascinating and promising services.
  • Identification of basic services and elimination of irrelevant and cost-intensive services.
  • Clear and comprehensible recommendations for action.
  • Integral analysis using a combination of independant methods. 
  • Definition of relevant fields of analysis within the entire service portfolio.
  • Calculation of intensity of use and importance of services.
  • Goal: To which degree are customer expectations being fulfilled and what is the importance of your particular services?
Penalty Reward Analysis and Kano Model
  • Measurement of driver effects by means of penalty reward analyses.
  • Systematic classification of services into basic, performance and excitement factors according to the Kano model.
  • Goal: Which services need to be provided, which create excitement and which can be neglected?
Portfolio Analysis
  • The results of the different analyses are cumulated in the portfolio analysis.
  • The characteristics of each service are immediatly apparent:
    • Significance (importance / intensity of use)
    • Level of customer satisfaction (incl. GAP)
    • Factor (Kano model)
  • Goal: Clear derivation of recommendations for action for each service sector.