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Fields of application
  • Basis for price and licence negotiations
  • Financially oriented brand controlling
  • Supporting of due dilligence processes
  • Determination of the value in dispute in law suits
  • Brand accounting
Your benefits
  • Corresponding to DIN/ISO standard 10668 and the Brand Valuation Forum. 
  • Valid valuation of brand equity with empirically verified methods. 
  • Valuation approaches that combine brand perception with financial valuation principles.
  • Certifiable by auditors.
Brand valuation is a question of experience
  • The choice of the „right“ valuation approach depends on the type of brand, the valuation reason and the available data base.
  • Our know-how from 20 years of valuation experience guarantees valid results.
  • Konzept & Markt is a founding member of the ‘Brand Valuation Forum‘ and the ‘DIN/ISO Normungsausschusses 10668 „Markenbewertung“‘.
Brand Census® by Konzept & Markt
  • In the Brand Census®, the purchasing funnel is the basis for the determination of brand strength.
  • The number and relevance of the funnel stages are identified individually for each brand.
  • The empirically verified brand strength allows specific benchmarking with competitors.
  • Apart from the valuation of own brands, it is possible to monetarily valuate competitor brands.
Nielsen Brand Performance System
  • Konzept & Markt is an exclusive provider of the Nielsen Brand Performance Systems.
  • This approach enables a brand valuation using secondary and trade panel data. By this, even historic brands can be valuated.
  • The system determines the brand strength using a causal model that combines consumer and market data.
  • With over 500 valuated brands Nielsen Brand Performance System is one of the most frequently used approaches in the German-speaking area.
Value of Success
  • "Value of Succes" measures the value contibution of marketing for your company.
  • Thus, the performace of marketing and management is calulable.
  • It is based on the value-development of the brand. It is estimated for the recent years with a simplified valuation method.
  • Thus, incestements into the brand are verified.
  • In some cases we cold demonstrate a tripling of the brand value whithin few years by using this instrument.
  • Thanks to its standartised process this method allows a cost-effective entry into the brand valuation.